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Certified Professional Home Inspection is a licensed home inspection company providing Residential Home Inspection and Testing Services to the Metro Detroit area.

Service area includes: Wayne, Oakland and parts of Livingston & Macomb Counties Metro-Detroit

House dining and kitchen open concept

Residential Home Inspections

We make sure you understand the major systems of the house you’re about to call a home.

Corner of house showing mold and decay on wall

Mold Testing

We use the latest lab tests and analysis to detect hidden mold that may be in crawl spaces, between walls, and in other such areas of your home, to ensure you and your family are safe from mold infestations.

Radon Testing periodic table showing radon symbol

Radon Testing

Radon is colorless, odorless, and extremely carcinogenic (cancer-causing). It can affect homes anywhere in the US, and the only way to check for elevated levels of radon in your home is with testing.

Water Testing - water pouring into glass

Water Testing

We work with EPA-certified laboratories to examine and assess water quality in your home. We can check for contaminants such as lead and heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, and other organisms and contaminants.

ndoor Air Quality and Allergen Testing Air Conditioners

Indoor Air Quality and Allergen Testing

Air quality is one of the most important things that you should pay attention to in your home, because the air affects everyone – whether they know it or not.

WDO Termite or Pest Inspection - wood showing termites

WDO/Termite/Pest Inspection

Termites can go unnoticed until they cause catastrophic damage to your home. We can provide you with comprehensive testing, and help you understand your options for termite remediation if we do discover an infestation.

Why Do I Need a Thermal Imaging Inspection?

The purpose of an infrared scan is to find issues and catch them before they become a major problem. With the use of our infrared camera, we can help identify moisture, insulation, electrical, HVAC issues, and many more. Thermal imagery provides an immediate look at the condition of the home, without having to tear anything apart to see inside of walls.

  • The placement of studs and rafters that might not be to the code

  • Water penetration into roofs and ceiling surfaces

  • Moisture build up in building materials

  • Detection of missing or insufficient insulation

  • Electrical issues at points like breaker boxes, outlets, and switches

  • Detect plumbing & piping and their proper/improper installation

  • Impact on energy efficiency

  • Detection of pests

What makes us the best choice for your inspection services in the Detroit Metro Area?

Whether you’re building, buying or selling, Certified Professional Home Inspection licensed & insured home inspectors will provide complete, accurate information about your home from our thorough home inspection. Our honest and accurate home inspections will provide you peace of mind and the details you need to make successful and informed investments as a homeowner.

Certified Professional Home Inspection uses the latest home inspection software to deliver you a visual, modern home inspection report that explains our findings in a way you can understand.

Craig was very personable and walked me thru the whole house. It really put me at ease.

Quick appointment. Friendly and meticulous inspection. Honest guy, didn’t try to uncharge me, in fact mentioned the inspection I was initially going to get wasn’t necessary because the home didn’t have a basement. Seemed very trustworthy.

Craig was very thorough but efficient during my inspection and did a really good job of explaining his findings to me. Would definitely recommend his services!

Our inspection was handled professionally and with impeccable detail helping us to identify immediate and longer term areas to address. Thoroughness was the key and details that many would have looked over or out and out missed were immediately identified.

Very polite informative professional and friendly. I felt very positive and secure about my decision to work with them. Craig was a really nice guy.

Craig was Awesome!! He went through the house and showed us how everything worked and made sure it was all in working order! Very professional and very thorough! The best inspector we have seen!!


We provide quality service, professional & courteous inspectors, and the most modern easy-to-read inspection report in the industry.


Our seasoned inspectors have years of experience. You can count on quality service. We know what we’re doing.


Certified & Insured. Our team is certified by InterNACHI and have more performed more than 1,000 inspections.

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